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7 Ways To “Let” the Holidays Be Better

Give the gift of learning through our QBQ! books here! I don’t know about you, but when a blog advertises a list, I don’t want a preamble, I

Not Nearly As Thankful As I Should Be

Free! Giveaway of The QBQ! Workbook! See below! Overflowing Abundance Cereal. We all love cereal. There are “kid” cereals and “adult” cereals—and the truth is adults don’t


Fine. I’ll admit it here publicly: When I walk 3+ miles each day, I often take Kelly Clarkson along. I’ve aways enjoyed her energetic and

17 Things a Good Friend Does Not Do

A light and fun QBQ! blog with a practical message. Enjoy the metaphor! Hopkins is the third oldest member of the Miller clan, predating even Kristin, my