7 Ways To “Let” the Holidays Be Better

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I don’t know about you, but when a blog advertises a list, I don’t want a preamble, I want to dive right in. So here we go! 

7 Ways To “Let” the Holidays Be Better

1. Let go

Got old hurts? Did Uncle Joe, brother Seth, or cousin Jamie say something that offended you in … 2005? If so …

Let. It. Go.

Forgiveness is as much for the forgiver as the forgiven. Want to have a really peace-filled Christmas and holiday season? Ask The Ultimate QBQ: “How can I let go of what I cannot control?”

Now, doesn’t that feel better already?

2. Let loose

Karen: “Hey, let’s go to the Denver Zoo tonight and see the Christmas lights they’ve put up.”

John: “What? Um, sorry, but not part of the plan. I mean, it’s gonna be like 5 degrees and we’ll get home past my 9 o’ clock bedtime!”

Yep, that’s a pretty typical conversation in this 36+ year marriage. Sadly, for Karen, she’s the fun one and wants to do in-the-moment stuff. She has spontaneity on the brain—in a good way. So it’s my job to let loose, relax, throw out the routine, and ring in the fun.

3. Let others

No one has to do it all alone. Truthfully, doing everything by oneself and getting all stressed out is a choice! Asking people around us for help is:

  1. Not a sign of weakness
  2. Fulfilling and honoring to others
  3. A way to teach and train up our youth
  4. A terrific way to build/strengthen relationships

So, reach out for help today!

4. Let up

Hey all you Type A People, become a Type B- or Type C+ for a bit. S-l-o-w down, put on the brakes and do less. The candle only burns at one end.

When we lived in Minnesota, we tried to get to a famous downtown Dayton/Macy’s store holiday display every year—no matter what! After moving to Denver, we had to see the annual “Tuba Christmas” concert. Then there was the church “ugly sweater” contest, which I actually won once. Okay, fine—twice.

Pushing to do everything may not make for disaster, but sure can result in tremendous fatigue—which serves no one. Recommendation:

Say yes to a few things and no to everything else.

5. Let in

Sad words at a funeral are, “We never knew him.” The holidays are a good time to let people in—emotionally—by sharing something you’ve never divulged before. Teach some family history. Show transparency and authenticity. Maybe even share a little pain. Moments like these bring people closer together, increase understanding and connection—and make for better headstone copy someday.

6. Let be

You know it’s coming, especially after a contentious U.S. election. Someone will say something that offends somebody. It’s going to happen. When it does, we can confront, attack, and defend, starting a nasty debate. Or, we can say and do … nothing. Do you believe it takes two to tango? Well, it also takes two to argue.

My mentor, W. Steven Brown, used to teach salespeople that some customer objections can be ignored. Steve maintained that sometimes when a customer expresses a concern, the salesperson can look out the window and muse, “Why, I’ll be, it is raining outside!” The prospect’s objection then melts away.

Want more joy this holiday season? Let some stuff said melt away.

7. Let me

If you’re not the host, offer to go to the store, change the baby, play with the kids, vacuum a room, or whip those potatoes! Also, take your own dishes over to the sink and then go back for more! That’s service! Holidays can be fun for all but are always exhausting for some. Lighten their load by speaking through your actions—Let me!


So, there you go—7 ways to make the holidays better. Which one will you be sure to “let” happen in your life? Share here!

Give the gift of learning through our QBQ! books here!


4 Responses

  1. John, great advice at such a busy time of the year. I passed along to my team – simple and powerful. Thanks.

  2. I save all of the QBQ e-mail messages in a special folder. This holiday version has been the best so far. “Let go” and “Let others” really hit home with me. Those are my weaknesses. My staff used to think I was a little QBQ cRaZy, but I’ve repeated it enough that it’s finally starting to sink in!

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