Personal Accountability: 20 Questions To Determine If It’s Really a Core Value

Our mission at QBQ, Inc. is Making Personal Accountability a Core Value, so this is our question for you:

Is personal accountability a core and guiding value in your world?

Let’s do a quick “needs assessment” for our workplace and ourselves. We’ll begin with the individual—meaning … me. Here we go!

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Quiz #1: The Individual

Ten introspective questions:

1. Do I spend more time whining or working?

2. Do I more often procrastinate or push forward?

3. Am I envious of others’ achievements or eager to emulate them and learn?

4. Do I live an entitled life or am I excited to earn my own way?

5. Do I tend to point fingers or problem-solve?

6. Do I encourage/praise my family, friends, and coworkers or tear them down?

7. When life doesn’t go my way, do I play the victim or become a victor?

8. Which matters most, others’ opinion of me or my opinion of me?

9. How often do I complain versus offer constructive ideas?

10. Am I wasting energy trying to change others instead of choosing to change myself?

How’d you do? If you need an infusion of accountability, responsibility, and ownership, we suggest The QBQ! Workbook—our newest tool enabling individuals to make personal accountability a guiding value in all they do!

Quiz #2: The Organization

Now, the workplace. Let’s find out if personal accountability is alive and well in your division, region, district, branch, department, or team.

Ten questions about your organization:

1. Has organizational/market/industry change caused fear, anxiety, and complaining?

2. Have I heard staff ask, “When is someone going to train me?”

3. Do supervisors lament the difficulty in finding “good people”?

4. Are people hiding behind (blaming!) the team when objectives aren’t reached?

5. Has an interdepartmental us versus them created an organization of “silos”?

6. When mistakes happen, do people ask, “Who dropped the ball?”

7. Is poor communication always someone else’s fault?

8. When problems develop, do employees run and hide or attack the problem?

9. Do staff members make excuses when goals are not met?

10. Is there a drumbeat of negativity regarding the lack of new systems and products?

In your opinion, did Quiz #2 reveal a lack of personal accountability in your organization? If so, even if your team is outstanding, there’s always room for growth. 🙂

QBQ! Solutions

Now, if you do have a lack of personal accountability in your workplace, here are 3 recommendations for solving that problem:

Implementation of QBQ! training

Live event with a QBQ! speaker

Learning based on reading/discussing

If you want help Making Personal Accountability a Core value—please reach out to or through

Bear in mind, everything begins and ends with PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s as simple as that.

Comments welcome!

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