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The Time To Be Outstanding Is NOW!

As our heavily damaged economy slowly comes back to life, I can’t imagine a more critical time to stand out. Said differently, it’s time to

Are You Training On The Right Stuff?

Are you standing on the foundation of Personal Accountability? The two-ton boulder pictured was the first of 22 Miller “landscape” rocks and is our largest.

Skilled People Managers Are The Best Leaders

WARNING: This might offend — “Leadership” is the most over-emphasized ability, over-used buzzword, over-stressed quality, and the most misunderstood concept in the organizational world today.

Never Forget: Learning Equals Change

There’s a movement toward greater self-awareness by understanding one’s personality. In general, this is healthy and good — but is it making a difference? My

What Are YOU Hiring?

Hiring. One of the most critical activities organizations and managers engage in—and it never ends. Come on, be honest—have you ever felt vindicated? I do. ?? Allow me to

The Workplace: Do People Want To Work?

From Steve, a business owner: “What’s peculiar about today’s workforce—and perplexes me to no end—is people ask to earn more money, but when we give them