Are You Training On The Right Stuff?

Are you standing on the foundation of Personal Accountability?

The two-ton boulder pictured was the first of 22 Miller “landscape” rocks and is our largest. My wife has instructed me to purchase no more. ?

I shot this shot with my iPhone because, well, the metaphor is so obvious, I couldn’t resist —

This stone is ever-present. This stone is solid, strong, and unwavering. This stone is … a rock. ?

Sitting near our Denver mailbox, many Miller visitors have been told, “Just look for the big boulder.”

Two decades after a crane placed it in 1999, it’s never moved and never will. Through rain, snow, wind, and 100+ degree Colorado summer temps, it is always right where we put it.

Miller kids (and now Miller grandkids) have climbed and stood on it. I do believe John and Karen have done this as well. ? There’s just something about a big rock — it MUST be conquered

Don’t Do Fads

I tell you all about our #1 boulder for this reason:

In the organizational world, sadly, hot training topics and fads come and go — frequently. We are a fickle bunch.

And I say “sadly” because management’s propensity to implement the blue training program one year, the yellow program the next, and the green after that does not help. In fact, it hurts. Trying too many “programs” creates confusion and cynicism amongst the people, along with disengaged What are they doing to us now?!? attitudes.

Not good, not good at all. ??

As well, the content in these programs is often, how do I say this as professionally as possible …


Train On The Right Stuff

Why train people on teamwork, customer service, sales skills, and supervisory technique when there is still Blame, Victim Thinking, and Procrastination in the culture? Every organization faces these three problems because these problems are people problems and every organization — including yours — has people.

For organizational success, we must ensure we stand FIRST on the rock of Personal Accountability. This rock-solid, never-changing principle is both timeless and timely. Personal Accountability (responsibility, ownership, etc.) provides a strong foundation that makes everything better.

Hence, we first must eradicate finger-pointing, whining, entitlement, and inertia (synonyms for the three problems listed above) by building a strong foundation on which to stand.

Have you made Personal Accountability a core value within your team, department, group, or organization? If not, there isn’t much solid to stand on.

If you want to inculcate the rock of Personal  Accountability into your organizational culture in 2020, just let us know. You see, it’s not only what we do at QBQ, Inc. — it’s all we do. ?

Has your organization built a strong foundation of Personal Accountability? Share your thoughts here!

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