Raising Accountable Kids

Raising Accountable Kids

When I read Raising Accountable Kids, I was awestruck by the content – so badly needed in our world today. I ordered 50 copies for a district event for parents!

Raising great children isn’t easy, but it can be done. Personal accountability begins at home with responsible parenting!

In a world that seems void of personal responsibility, moms and dads can make a difference by practicing personal accountability in their parenting on a daily basis – while teaching it to their children.

The new “RAK” book contains over 125 challenging discussion questions, making it not only an outstanding learning tool for moms and dads but also a perfect small group curriculum! In “RAK,” parents will learn how to …

  • Model personal accountability and humility
  • Do the hard stuff when the kids are young
  • Know when and why to discipline
  • Define parenting “absolutes”
  • Take action on the small things now
  • Define the role of grandparents
  • Move beyond regret
  • Transfer your values to your kids
  • Reduce family stress
  • Build trust within the home
  • Eliminate blame, complaining, victim thinking, and procrastination
  • Defend the family from entitlement thinking
  • Share ten lessons about money
  • Adapt to change as the kids grow
  • Prepare children for effective living
  • Teach QBQ! to the children

Written by John and Karen Miller – parents of seven and grandparents to thirteen – this powerful and practical parenting handbook is ideal for parents, grandparents, and anyone else concerned with raising accountable kids.

Meet John and Karen Miller of Denver, Colorado …