What’s new in the revised QBQ! book?

Now that we’ve launched what we call the “gentle rewrite” of the QBQ! book a decade and one million copies later, people are asking the obvious question:

What’s new in QBQ!?

So let’s answer that question.

But first, a matter of integrity: As the author, I don’t and won’t tell anyone who has the original version that they need to buy the new version. It’s still the same core message of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY and the same outstanding stories of server Jacob at the Rockbottom Restaurant, flight attendant Bonita on the airplane, and cashier Judy at The Home Depot.

But I do believe it’s simply a better book. What can’t be improved? So we’ve added a brief Author’s Note that you can read here, improved the writing throughout, clarified key ideas, added a couple of concepts, and placed exactly one dozen FAQs in the back. The value in these is they provide us a chance to teach even further. Here are some of those FAQs:

  • Teamwork is critical in our organization. Does the QBQ’s focus on the individual conflict with the importance of teamwork?
  • Are you saying “Why?” “When?” and “Who?” questions are forever banished from our vocabulary?
  • Is the QBQ a behavior-management tool for managers to use on others?
  • What if my boss won’t practice the QBQ or my organization doesn’t support it?
  • Is the QBQ at all about holding people accountable?
  • If we can’t use the word “who,” then how can we have a discussion of what went wrong?
  • What if I keep asking, “How can I help you?” and the person keeps telling me there’s nothing I can do?

And my favorite:

  • Are you sure I can’t change someone else?

Yep, I’m sure.

If you have questions about the new version of QBQ!, please email me at John@QBQ.com.

Thanks for believing in PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY!

John G. Miller


Denver, Colorado USA

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  1. Nice FAQs John. If they read the book the most effective way to “change others” is simply to lead by example. If you, demonstrate in your daily interactions with people the QBQ concepts, principles, and practices, and point them out when others practice QBQ too that is your greatest tool for “changing others”. I didn’t read the rewrite and if there is a concept I missed please feel free to share your insight with me. QBQ frequently nudges me into a more positive mindset when I dip my toe into the negativity “black hole”. Thanks for making many, many days better than they might have been.

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