Flipping the Switch with QBQ!

If someone asked me, “John, why do you and your team teach ‘Personal Accountability and the QBQ!’ wherever you go?” I would say, “Well, let’s have Steve with AutoTrader.com answer that!”

Steve’s story:

John, in February 2011 you spoke at the AutoTrader.com annual meeting in Atlanta. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Flipping the Switch. My first read through was completed on my fight home. There were many more reads to come.

Let’s fast forward 10 months to Friday, December 9th:

On that day I learned from my Regional Director that I’d been named “Regional Salesperson of the Year.” As I reflected on the achievement—feeling incredibly thankful—I pondered the reasons it had come about. I believe this recognition was partly a result of trying to do the right things in support of my co-workers and clients—and because of my strong belief in AutoTrader, our culture, mission, and leadership.

But, I truly believe the underlying reason for this achievement was the change that occurred in my thought process and behavior when I learned how to use “the question behind question”—the QBQ—to “flip the switch”!

Thanks to the QBQ! principles, I know that my results are mine to own and if they’re not what I wanted, I can’t blame my boss, my colleagues, my clients, or my family. Ownership and personal accountability are all about the choices that I make in my career and life. Over the past year, QBQ! became my approach in consulting, selling, coaching, relating, and interacting. QBQ! has led to deeper conversations and relationships, both at work and at home.

And a wonderfully satisfying end-of-year result!

Thank you!



And that’s why we teach “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” But I need to say this to Steve:

A tool is of no value unless it’s used. You, Steve, heard the QBQ! message and ran with it, putting it into action. Now that’s outstanding!

Thanks for believing in QBQ!

John G. Miller


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