I Own It! — Accountability Curriculum for 6-12 Graders

Teachers and Parents! Tired of hearing your students whine and blame? Want to help tweens and teens build character and learn important life skills? Sick of hearing excuses? Want to put an end to students’ procrastination? Looking for an accountability curriculum that really works?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the curriculum I Own It! Building Character Through Personal Accountability is exactly what you need.

I Own It! helps you to help youth …

  • practice ownership and personal accountability
  • eliminate whining, blaming and procrastinating
  • develop leadership potential
  • learn to value and serve others
  • make wise choices … and much more!

I Own It!
is a 75-page facilitator handbook, guiding you through a 10-lesson curriculum designed to help students discover the incredible value of practicing accountability, responsibility, and ownership at school, home, and work.

Structured around eight “I Can!” statements such as “I can be accountable!” and “I can be a leader!” the I Own It! curriculum includes relevant discussions, reflection opportunities, classroom activities, and case studies to bring the QBQ! material to life.

Based on the best-selling book, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, the curriculum’s foundation is the principle of personal accountability and the tool that helps us practice it, the QBQ. (click here for a tutorial on the QBQ tool.)

Easy to teach, fun to use, and life-changing for students, bring I Own It! to your school and classroom* today!

Since being introduced to QBQ!, I have been trying to “ask better questions” and my students noticed. I am so excited to bring the core concepts and strategies of the QBQ directly to my students with I Own It!

~Laura Koeppel, Niagara Career & Technical Education Center, Sanborn, NY


*You only need one I Own It! teacher guide per classroom. I Own It! comes with one “I Can!” classroom poster (11″x 17″) and a copy of our newest version of the QBQ! book.

Click here for an informational PDF to share with others.

To chat with Kristin Lindeen about I Own It! email her: Kristin@QBQ.com

*Note: I Own It! is designed for use by a teacher with teenaged students. If you are looking for a training system for employees, please visit our Training page for more information on our DVD-based training system.

Sample pages of the I Own It! curriculum:

accountability-curriculum-character-educationaccountability-curriculum-character-education      accountability-curriculum-character-education