Work Like Woody: Be a Mood-Lifter!

I regret to inform you that if you have read QBQ! but not its companion book—Flipping the Switch … Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ!—you’re missing out on some terrific stories! 🙂

One Flipping the Switch story is “Living Like Larry.” It’s about an outstanding TSA agent who makes a difference in the lives of travelers.

Our story today is about Woody, a corporate security guard, who, like Larry, causes each of us to ask The Question Behind the Question (QBQ):

“How can I best serve the people in my life?”

Anyone whose “attitude and actions” inspire others to ask a powerful question like that, in this author’s humble opinion, has truly flipped the switch.

Enjoy Woody’s story and feel free to pass it on to others!

John G. Miller

Author of these books


John, because I read every blog you write, I’m certain you’ll enjoy the note below from one of our second-shift technicians who leaves work at 1:30 a.m. Since you live in Colorado, too, you know how unusually cold it’s been here. This morning, Megan sent me this example of a team member going way above and beyond. Feel free to use it and, yes, we’ll be doing something extra special for Woody!

Tom Cycyota, CEO, AlloSource


Tom, do you know how amazing Woody the security guard is? We’ve always been thankful to have him around on second-shift, but never more so than these past couple of frigid days!

The extremely cold weather has brought snow and frost and, without any prompting from us, Woody has been going out to the parking lot after midnight to scrape our windshields before we leave work. He’s also made himself available to jump a dead battery or help someone get into their vehicle if a door is frozen shut. He is always so cheerful and eager to help, and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Scraping frost on car window

I can’t tell you what a mood-lifter it is to leave the building at 1:30 a.m. knowing that Woody is on the job!

We’re all chipping in to get him a gift card to show our gratitude, but I wanted to be sure you know what Woody is doing. We certainly do appreciate him!



Tom and Megan, thank you for the great story!

You know, I’ve been in the “learning & development” industry since 1986 and, I must say, I’ve quit trying to figure out why the Woody’s and Larry’s of the world are what and who they are. I’ve simply concluded they inspire me to aspire to be more like them. It’s as simple—and meaningful—as that.

Again, that awesome QBQ is, “How can I best serve the people in my life?”

Ask it today and flip the switch!


What does Woody inspire you to do and for whom?

Honestly, are you a mood-lifter—or not?

Do you have a story like Woody’s to share?

Please leave your comments below. Meanwhile …

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  1. We too have a “Woody” at work. It was a frigid day yesterday and I had to work long hours. I was the last office worker to leave after 7pm and after a snow-filled day. What did I see when I got near my vehicle? It was totally cleared off! It just brightened my evening to not spend 1/2 hour cleaning my car off. What a wonder it is to work with such nice people. My “mood-lifter” at work will get a huge thank you this morning!

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