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Enjoy video of QBQ! clients discussing “Personal Accountability & the QBQ!” training!

I don’t like fake humility, do you? This anonymous quote says it well:

“Most public ‘humility’ is actually successfully disguised arrogance.”

And not always successfully disguised, eh? Like this author’s email to his/her list:

“Hey, everyone! My new book has been in the top 10 on Amazon for three weeks now! Whoo hoo! And my podcast is #3 on iTunes!!! Yeah, baby! Oh, but, I owe it to all the peeps who made it possible. I’m just so honored and blessed to have fans like you. I could never have … blah blah blah … ”


So, let there be no doubt about it: I’m about to do a little bragging and I’m letting you know that upfront. 🙂

Allow me to share a super positive client statement about our “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” training system. Call this a commercial if you want. That doesn’t bother me one bit since our mission at QBQ, Inc. is clear:

Helping Organizations Make Personal Accountability a Core Value

The story:

We licensed our QBQ! training system to an Australian funeral home organization (right up my alley, by the way) with several locations.

After we shipped the training materials Down Under, Don, the “co-director,” began personally facilitating the training with staff. Kudos to him, by the way, because having management take ownership for training is the best way to train!

After the QBQ! implementation, we received this email from a manager who went through the program:

Dear QBQ, Inc.

I found QBQ! to be insightful, worthy, practical, and inspiring. Of all the training I’ve experienced, QBQ! has been the most relevant and effective for me, truly hitting “the nail on the head”! And not just from a professional perspective, but also in my home life. 

There is no specific part of the content that stood out to me—it was the whole of the QBQ! “ethos” that impacted me. Many pieces shined a light on my inner being and made me take a good look at myself.

Thanks to the QBQ! training, I now possess a far healthier and accountable attitude. I believe QBQ! will lift our team to a higher level of service and satisfaction for our associates and clients. 


Philip S.

Branch Manager

I must say, I doubt anyone has ever used the word “ethos” and “QBQ” in the same sentence, but I like it. Mostly because I think what Philip is saying is the core message of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY resonated with him at a very deep level. So deep, in fact, he was a bit surprised.

For many, the need for training on PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY is just that: surprising, unexpected.

I emailed a prospect to ask if she was ready to move forward with QBQ! training. She responded cheerily with, “I’ve submitted a proposal to include QBQ! in our 2015 budget and I’m waiting for approval. The good news is, I’m doing a training ‘needs analysis’ and … accountability is trending as a gap!”

That made me chuckle. Not just the Twitter-esque “trending,” but because after 20 years of teaching/selling/implementing QBQ! here’s what I know:

Without exception, every organization needs more personal accountability.

Yes, without exception.

So, if you’d like to explore bringing QBQ! training to your team in 2015, just let us know. Here’s the page to learn more and, if you so choose, submit an inquiry:


But I promise, if you contact us, absolutely nobody at QBQ, Inc. will use the word “ethos.” We’ll remain quite traditional and just call it … practical content that changes lives.

Enjoy video of QBQ! clients discussing “Personal Accountability & the QBQ!” training!
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  1. Hi John,
    Love the accountability message but especially loved the link with the excellent client interview at the bottom!
    The QBQ message never gets old, as you say it it Timeless!
    all the best!

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