20 Thoughts Accountable People Think

It is forever true: I am a product of my thinking. How I live today is driven by how I thought yesterday. I will act tomorrow based on how I think today.

Thinking. Are you in control of yours? Accountable people are and this is what their thoughts look like …


20 Thoughts Accountable People Think


1. Work is good.

2. I exist to serve.

3. I’m not entitled.

4. I am not a victim.

5. I reap what I sow.

6. I create my stress.

7. It’s right to apologize.

8. I can only change me.

9. Humility is a good thing.

10. Complaining fixes nothing.

11. My choices got me to where I am.

12. The past is done, so I will let stuff go.

13. Problems are to be solved, not ignored.

14. I own my results, so won’t blame others.

15. Boundaries matter—it’s okay to say “no.”

16. When confronted, I’ll consider the message.

17. I don’t know everything and have plenty to learn.

18. My development is not my employer’s job, it’s mine.

19. When things go awry, I’ll consider what part I played.

20. Since I make mistakes, I won’t judge others when they do.


Now, review the list above and decide where you’re strong and doing welland where you’re weak and need to improve. No worries, I’ll do this, too. 😉

So, go for it! Have fun!

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