There’s Always a Time and Place for QBQ!

Every author/speaker has probably heard a client make a statement like this:

“Well, my guys won’t read the book.”

But there’s one executive in the tractor parts industry who, thinking creatively, found a way around that objection. Here’s his solution. Enjoy and pass on!

John, it was a pleasure to hear you speak at the Buyer’s Advantage event in Denver. As I mentioned, all of our staff have now read the QBQ! book (we are a company of about 45 individuals.)

I first had my management team of 5 read QBQ! – and we discussed it over the course of several weekly management meetings. They each had their own copy.

Allowing others to digest this book was very importance to us, but knowing many of our guys don’t care for reading, I took a cork board and installed it above two high traffic urinals in the men’s room. Then, at a local print shop in town, I had the binding sliced off your hardcover book. I did this so that we could post your material two sheets at time on the newly installed cork board. We left two pages up for two days each and gradually cycled through the entire book. I simply told everyone that they could easily read the entire book during this “free time.”

It was a good experience for all. Again, I very much enjoyed your presentation.




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