The QBQ! Essence: Serving People

A meaningful moment for us is when a reader of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question applies our message of Personal Accountability in ways we’d not dreamed of when we first penned and published the book—and shares it with us.

This powerful and touching story (and application of our material) comes from a friend and colleague, Renee.

When I emailed her to ask how she was, with grace and humility she responded with this note. I always knew she’s special, but this story confirms it. Enjoy!

John, life is wonderful here! Thanks for asking!

I must say, just yesterday I experienced what I consider a sacred QBQ! moment. While walking back to my car after a lunch meeting in downtown Denver, I came upon an elderly gentleman who had taken a bad fall on the sidewalk. I asked a group of bystanders if they had called 911. They had.

What broke my heart was, yes, this fellow was surrounded by whiskey bottles, but no one was down on his level, no one was really there with him in his pain.

So, I sat down beside him, held his hand, asked him his name, and told him I was grateful to meet him. I assured him he was not alone, we were taking care of him, and he had nothing to worry about.

The biggest smile came across his dear face—and he kept squeezing my hand over and over again. Every time I reminded him he wasn’t alone, he smiled. This man had the most incredibly kind eyes. He brought immeasurable love through his steady gaze, and his beautiful life-worn hands. A simple, yet profound connection. I am deeply touched by it.

I think that’s why we’re here—to ask the QBQ, “What can I do?” and really be there to help others, whether for a moment or a lifetime.

Renee, allow me to share my first thought: You done good. ?

Yes, the QBQ! book gives us a practical “how to” for serving people, but everything good begins with people who want to serve.

That is surely Renee. And you, right?

How have you applied QBQ!?


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  1. Those are the moments that make life worth living! Being able to sit with someone and share joy with them is so life giving. Thanks for sharing Renee!

  2. Thank you so much I needed that reminder. “What can I do?” and really be there to help others, whether for a moment or a lifetime.”

  3. What wonderful story I experienced something similar while visiting family several weeks ago. We were at a barbeque and a gentlemen suddenly leaned back in his lawn chair and appeared to lose consciousness. Someone call 911 and some hollered get a clothe put it on his forehead. I ran in the kitchen asked for a wet towel and put the wet towel on his fore head because I am a believer I started praying the man soon gained consciousness and the EMT’s arrived. My nephew asked me if I was a nurse did I know what I was doing. I told him no but I felt lead to do that and to pray. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. I had an encounter so similar to this one. I used to perform on-site clinical reviews at various local hospitals. The one day, I was circling the hospital on a snowy/icy/bitterly cold day, trying to find a parking space, when I noticed an elderly man lying on the side of the road in a snow bank that was at least 10″ deep. Cars were rushing past him without hesitation.
    I zoomed as fast as I safely could into a parking lot next to where the man was lying, parked, and quickly made my way to him. I introduced myself, and asked him if he was hurt. He said he was lying there for about 30-45 minutes and no one had asked him if he needed help..until I arrived. He was lying next to a bus stop sign, and while I was calling 911, a bus driver stopped his bus-he told me that on his previous round, he had noticed the man lying there. I asked him why he didn’t stop and help him-he said because he was at work, and he couldn’t interrupt his bus scheduled stops. It made me angry, to be honest; but I didn’t reply angrily like I wanted to. I also, was at work. This man was not a patient covered by the insurance company that I represented. But-he was a fellow human being who needed help desperately-who could have died in the snow, just waiting for someone…anyone…to help him. It brought tears to my eyes. I just stayed with him, holding his hand and talking with him until the ambulance came and loaded the patient into the back. I walked with him until he was safely loaded, and I told him he was in good hands, and he’ll be taken care of. I asked him if there was someone he wanted to me contact-he gave me his wife’s name and ph#. I gave her a call and let her know how I found him, and he is now in the ER. She said she’d be right there.
    Yes, I was late for work. I explained everything to my boss, who was very understanding. And, even if she hadn’t been, I’d do the same thing all over again if I encountered the same situation.
    As I pass by that way now, I always think of that gentle soul just waiting for someone to help him as he lay there freezing in the snow-it still makes my eyes well up with tears. I hope he was OK and often wonder about him.
    As a nurse, my mantra is to make sure that every patient I encounter is treated with the same love and care that I would want someone to give MY parents if they were in the same situation. So, basically, EVERY person I encounter IS my family member. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful, thought provoking story and inspiration for all of us! The basic need is to “connect” and be so aware of what opportunity during the day that God is placing before us…and then take action!

  6. I’d like to think there may be a “Renee” in each of us. A reminder that a little kindness and empathy can go a long way to making someone’s day. Renee’s gracious response gives us all a pause.

  7. In these times, very few people want to get involved with what might be thought of as “street people” or someone who lives a different kind of life than us. It’s a good reminder that we are all part of mankind and each of us has a part to help one another. As the saying goes, there but for the Grace of God go I. Thanks for sharing.

  8. There is a medical drama on TV called New Amsterdam. The head of the hospital is constantly asking how can he help. The show should be titled “QBQ”!

  9. This story is so heart warming but is also triggers soul searching on one’s part. Something that is desperately needed today!

  10. A similar thing happened to me a while back as an older gent fell from his push bike in the middle of the road, It happened right in front of me I was I my car, I stopped my car which blocked all the traffic I sat with the man reassured him that all will be ok and let him know the emergency services will be here soon. all of a sudden the peace that came across him knowing he was not sat here alone in the middle of the road was incredible. we just sat and talked while we waited it was actually a nice feeling in a not so nice situation. when the emergency service arrived got him in the ambulance we said our goodbyes and then for me I felt so happy I done a good deed and supported someone who was in need at that moment. @ BEST FEELING EVER

  11. What a beautiful reminder of the human touch. I am grateful there are people like Renee in the world who can lift the spirit of another when needed most.
    Thank you for sharing!

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