The Holidays: 21 Things NOT To Do


The holidays can be an exceptional time of year—or not. The difference lies with us. Avoid these 21 traps to have an outstanding finish to 2022!


The Holidays: 21 Things NOT To Do

  1. Argue about which family the holidays will be spent.
  2. Seek perfection in decorations, gift selection, and people.
  3. Take every comment personally.
  4. Possess a “my way or the highway” attitude.
  5. Nag the teen son about getting a haircut.
  6. Say yes to everything and no to nothing.
  7. Talk about self while asking little about others.
  8. Use plastic money to spend too much.
  9. Fail to recognize, compliment, appreciate others.
  10. Focus on your cell phone instead of the people who are present.
  11. Put kids in charge. (Children want/need the parent to be “the boss.” See Raising Accountable Kids)
  12. Strive to win the “Cleanest House on the Block” award.
  13. Give unsolicited input to others on how to live their lives.
  14. Show arrogance not humility—the magnet that draws people in.
  15. Use the 7 Sinful Words: “We’ve never done it that way before!”
  16. Blame those around us for our mood.
  17. Tell someone they eat too much—or too little.
  18. Engage in grudge-holding vs. “Hey, let’s forget it.”
  19. Criticize the in-laws, or anyone—but especially the in-laws!
  20. Get hurt and angry over … nothing.
  21. Tell people they need the QBQ! book because you just know they need more personal accountability!


Actually, we don’t really mind if you commit #21. 😉


Which one/ones on our list do you commit to not doing?


Let’s wrap this message up putting The Question Behind the Question into action …


Do not ask these Incorrect Questions (IQs, tutorial here):


“Why is this happening to me?”


“When will he change?”


“Why don’t others ever listen?”


“Who made the mess?”


“When will things go my way?”


Those questions bring victim thinking, procrastination, and blame into our lives. Trust me—these human traps will spoil any holiday celebration, making it for sure not outstanding!


Do ask these QBQs (tutorial here):


“How can I contribute?”


“What can I do to honor others?”


“How can I find the good in people around me?”


“What can I do to let go of what I can’t control?”


“How can I change myself today?”


So, a terrific list to ponder—and the practical tool called The QBQ! for outstanding holidays and an exceptional finish to the year! 😎


Comments are always welcome. 


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