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Enabling: Does Compassion Ever Cross the Line?

A phenomenon I’ve noticed:  People who embrace the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability—and refuse to engage in victim thinking—sometimes support other folk’s victim-itis. Even though they agree

Be Not A Victim: 10 Practices

Watching a 1997 movie, I witnessed a line of dialogue that really caught my attention. The female star, who had been kidnapped by an evil

The Quiet Victim Thinker

Stuart emailed us saying, “QBQ! totally changed my life.” I wanted to know more, so I typed, “Wonderful, Stuart! How did our material specifically make

10 Tips For Better Living

“When you find a ‘perfect world,’ send me the address.” ~Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan, of “Blue Bloods” on CBS (actor Tom Sellick) Wha … ???

6 Truths of Self-Pity and the Dangers of Victim Thinking

When does compassion for people become the enabling of victim thinking? Here’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed: Some people who love the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability—and refuse to suffer

Playing the Victim: Why Go There?

In our blog, The Solution Is Right In Front of Me, I stated, “My life can and will be better when I choose to make it better. Anything else is blame,

13 Symptoms of Victim Thinking

We’ll get to our list, but first … Someone asked me recently, “John, how do you decide what to write about?” Well, I write about stuff

Do You Know the 4th Source of Anger?

Since we all experience the secondary emotion of anger, it’s important for our emotional health and overall well-being to know the primary sources of anger.