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Only 199 Words: Eliminate “Yeah, buts”

Super succinct! Dive in … Yeah-but-itis is a negative habit that looks and sounds like this: A CEO apologizes for layoffs yet people question, “Yeah,

Outstanding Customer Service Is ALWAYS Fun

GIVEAWAY!!! Comment to possibly win 6 (yes, six!) FREE QBQ! books! There are many terrific aspects of being an author/speaker. One is when people have an outstanding

Not Just My Dad’s QBQ! Anymore

For as long as I remember, my dad (John G. Miller) has been the creator and main purveyor of this thing called “QBQ!” Twenty years now—since 1995,

Ever Overreact With Your Teenager?

This email came to us just the other day. Enjoy! Dear QBQ, Inc.— My manager just took our department through the “Personal Accountability and the