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Blame Game: 25 Reasons We Do It

Who ‘ya gonna call? Blame Busters! We’ve been working to bust blame at QBQ, Inc. for a long time. Given the human propensity to point

Busting the Blame: It’s Not Complicated

The Conversation Prospect: “John, we have a problem.” Me: “Uh oh. What happened?” Prospect: “You know I believe QBQ! training is needed at Lockheed Martin,

Blame Game: 1961 Song Might Be the Fix We Need

The King performing “Put the Blame On Me” Imagine a world of no finger-pointing, culprit-seeking, excuse-making, and blame. You’re probably thinking, No way, John! No blame


Fine. I’ll admit it here publicly: When I walk 3+ miles each day, I often take Kelly Clarkson along. I’ve aways enjoyed her energetic and

The #1 Difference Between Success and Failure

Planted in the same environment with equal resources and opportunity, one tree thrives (succeeds) while one dies (fails). Since I’m not a treeologist, I can’t

9 Shortcuts That Take Us Nowhere

I used a sharp-beyond-belief CutCo brand pearl-handle serrated knife to bang on and loosen the top of a jar of canned peaches. I removed the lid,

When Seeking Change, Blame No Buddy

Purge: To remove what is undesirable; to cleanse. Our son-in-law, Erik, husband to my speaking colleague, Kristin, must have one of the highest IQ’s of