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Playing the Victim: Why Go There?

In our blog, The Solution Is Right In Front of Me, I stated, “My life can and will be better when I choose to make it better. Anything else is blame,

The #1 Problem With Entitlement Thinking

If I say I’m against “entitlement thinking,” many would cheer. However, if I say I’m against “entitlements,” some would call me mean-spirited. Most talk around

A QBQ! Essay On Being Offended

I am trying to comprehend exactly how I would feel throughout a day if I were offended all the time. Perpetually feeling slighted, hurt, bruised, misunderstood, and

9 Shortcuts That Take Us Nowhere

I used a sharp-beyond-belief CutCo brand pearl-handle serrated knife to bang on and loosen the top of a jar of canned peaches. I removed the lid,