Keys To Success For “Up and Comers”

At Ace Hardware, an “old guy” team member helped me find some products. We chatted and discovered we were both born in 1958—and he was actually a few months younger than me!

I said, “Well, it’s official—we’re old now.” To which he grinned and responded, “Yep. But we know stuff.

It’s true; Boomers know stuff. We might even have wisdom—defined in the QBQ! book as, “What we learn after we know it all.”

Keys To Success

When I was young and possibly an “up and comer” or “emerging leader,” there are ideas and practices which would’ve helped me greatly—if someone had shared them with me. Here are some now for you!

Practice Personal Accountability at all times: No blame. No Whining. No finger-pointing.

Stay coachable, even if I believe I know what’s being told to me.

Refrain from coveting my boss’s job before my time.

Speak my mind … within limits. No one suggests you ask your manager, “Where’d you get that outfit, the ‘90s?” But be bold enough to share what you perceive and believe.

Be curious, asking lots and lots of questions. Then ask some more.

Practice punctuality. An “I got here as soon as I wanted to” attitude is lazy living. Being on time still matters.

Live “No Excuses.” When problems arise, say, “It’s mine; I’m on it!”

Act today. Defeat procrastination—The Friend of Failure—with a GET-IT-DONE-NOW attitude.

Show loyalty—no switching employers for that extra $1/hour.

Burn no bridges. If you do move on, leave a positive trail of impact. This will serve you well.

Demonstrate a high work ethic. One candidate asked an interviewer, “Can my annual week of vacation begin the day my employment starts?” He didn’t get the job.

Strive to earn rather than feel entitled. People who think the world owes them aren’t much fun to be around.

Know your feelings. Feel your feelings. But do not let your feelings rule you.

Be you, be authentic. Do not join “the crowd.” Be the salmon swimming upstream.

Rise above the challenges of the day. The world has enough people who claim victim status just to hold pity parties for themselves.

Become un-offendable. You’ll be happier.

Possess a contrite spirit. We are all drawn to humility and repelled by arrogance.

Exist to serve. It’s still true that “we reap what we sow.”

Live joyfully. Joy is good and good to be around.

And one “Do Not”: Do not be a toxic person—no gossiping, back-biting, getting even, manipulating, demanding your way, or passive-aggressive behavior.

Instead, collaborate, encourage, praise, befriend, be kind, and practice Personal Accountability—the QBQ! book says to. 😉

Which idea above means the most to you right now? Can you add one? Share!


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