Retain Customers, Beat the Competition

When speaking on “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” we’ll ask audiences—tongue-in-cheek—if they are in a competitive business. 😉

No client crowd has yet to say they are not.

That’s why it’s baffling when/if organizations don’t go out of their way to retain customers. We all know it’s easier and more profitable to KEEP one than to FIND one.

And the last thing we’d ever want to do is send paying customers to the competition.


So, enjoy a relevant story from Jeanne, a member of our QBQ! Facebook Group. We invite you to join our group and share your experiences, too!

My scheduled HVAC service didn’t happen today, and I didn’t receive any communication til an hour after no one came. Then I received this text from Emmy, who clearly lives the QBQ! life whether she’s read QBQ! or not. A great example of customer service!

“Jeanne, this is Emmy with Aire Serv. I am incredibly sorry we didn’t make it to your place and didn’t communicate with you. Simply put, your appointment fell through the cracks; we completely dropped the ball. Let me know when we can get your maintenance done. I will also be upgrading your maintenance plan and giving you one FREE year of our Premium Advantage Plan. This includes two maintenance visits per year, 15% Discounts, Priority Service, $0 Diagnostic Fees, and one in-place coil sanitization. Again, I apologize for not getting to you today. This is my personal cell; feel free to reach out any time!”

Now, that wasn’t so hard, right? Emmy didn’t “give away the store” but did give the customer a reason not to head straight to the competition—and that’s a good thing! 👏🏻

How effective is your team at retaining customers? How about you?


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