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Sometimes, you get a note from a customer that you just want to share with everyone! A VP of Verizon Wireless sent us this note. A fan of the QBQ! book, she bought one for each person on her team and took them through it in an old-fashioned book discussion. Here is real feedback from real people doing real work:

Hey, John!

Just wanted to email you after receiving feedback from my employees from the session I held last week on your book. Here are a few of my favorite responses that I hope you enjoy:

  •  “I love this book! QBQ! is not only going to be a staple in my life but I’m giving it as a Christmas gift to a few friends.”
  •  “I love the book and it made me look at myself under the micro-scope instead of looking at the person next to me. And it is really true: I cannot change others nor am I responsible for their actions. I can only change myself and how I respond or act in any situation. The outcome of any situation depends upon my actions and I am accountable for the outcome.”
  •  “Great Book. Had an “Aha!” moment regarding the danger of asking incorrect questions.”
  • “Excellent way to look at things differently. This was a key learning that can be used in both my work and personal life.”
  •  “QBQ! is a great book. I personally will think twice about the questions I am asking, and will now ask ‘What can I do better?’ in any situation that I will be involved in.”
  •  “The book was great. It pointed out how I need to work on my contribution, and not fall into the trap of blaming others.”
  •  “QBQ! is outstanding and will help me professionally and personally.”
  • “I really enjoyed reading the QBQ! book. Hopefully we can have Mr. Miller come speak sometime soon!.”

Also, I am a mom and would love a copy of your new parenting book! We have a 6 yr. old and a 2 yr. old. Never too soon to start teaching personal accountability!

I will stay in touch. And maybe we can get you here to speak in 2013.


VP Verizon Wireless


Thanks, Michelle! And I say to anyone reading this – and it’s not a political statement – if you manage people that means you hire people. And if you hire people, where do they come from? Society. And nobody – NOBODY – can deny that society at large is struggling with victim thinking, entitlement, blame, and finger-pointing. This is where QBQ! comes in. Use it as an antidote to squash the errant thinking in people’s minds that they bring into your organization. After you hire them, help them see that “Personal Accountability is the way we do things around here and that entitlement and blame will NOT be part of our culture!”

Good luck! It’s an uphill battle right now, but QBQ! is a practical and powerful tool that will help you in your goal of becoming an outstanding organization.

John G. Miller

Author of a bunch of books


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