QBQ! in Action

To many, Personal Accountability is just a concept, an idea. But, in action form, it can look like this. Here’s an email I received from Tom Mustin, CBS4 anchor:


Thought you’d appreciate this example of the QBQ! book in action. My son, down at U. of TX in Austin, paid a “maid service” $250 to clean his apartment before he moved out. But the apartment manager said the service did a lousy job and went ahead (without talking to us first) and “re-cleaned” the place, charging him several hundred dollars! When I called the apartment manager, I got the run-around. He then sent me some alleged pictures of the dirty apartment. 🙂 

I then called the cleaning service my son had used and without hesitation the owner, Holly, agreed to send my son a full refund. Her note is below. You can bet my son and I will  be sending all future cleaning business her way!


Nice to see customer service and QBQ! are alive and well in Texas.

Tom Mustin

Evening Anchor

CBS4 News – Denver, CO

From: Holly Moore
Sent: Wednesday 
To: Mustin, Thomas
Subject: Maids and Moore deposit issue

Mr. Mustin, I have looked at the photos you sent and agree there were some things we missed. I feel like the apt mgr should only have charged you to clean those items (fan, oven, and a couple of blinds), but instead he charged you for an entire cleaning.

But it is what it is.

However, as a small business owner, I cannot sleep at night if I know you have been double charged. And I agree that our cleaning was not perfect. Unfortunately, that maid is no longer with me and I can’t locate our pictures or recall any of the details about your cleaning.

So, I will be refunding your entire cleaning fee today. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.



So, did Holly go too far? Or is this accountability and outstanding service? What would YOU have done?

Please leave your thoughts and comments here!

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