“Personal Accountability & the QBQ!” History {Giveaway!}

qbq, personal accountability, accountability“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.”

Eddie Cantor (1892-1964) comedian, dancer, singer, actor

It’s true, we usually don’t know how the now-famous actor waited tables for years or the big name music group spent a decade singing in hotel lounges before hitting the big time.

Or how a non-famous QBQ! author and speaker started—unless he comes to you from his Colorado barn on video!

Enjoy a quick 3-minute video of The QBQ! Guy sharing a bit of QBQ! history and …

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Here is the video link:

“QBQ! History From The Author’s Barn”

Thanks for watching—and emailing! Now, enjoy a brief Q&A on the “story behind the story” of QBQ!

John, how did your career begin?

In 1986, at age 28, I began 9 1/2 years of selling management training to corporations in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. My “office” was the furnace/water heater room in our Brooklyn Center, MN basement!

How did you become a speaker and author?

In 1995, after almost ten years selling management training, I decided to start speaking on this idea I had created called “QBQ.” Soon after, I wrote my first book.

What does “QBQ” stand for—and do for people?

QBQ represents The Question Behind the Question—and it enables each of us to live a life of Personal Accountability by eliminating Blame, Finger-pointing, Victim/Entitlement Thinking, Complaining, and Procrastination.

How did you create the “QBQ” concept?

Sitting in 10,000 hours of management training sessions, I heard clients asking costly questions such as, “Why do we have to go through all this change?” “When is someone going to train me?” and “Who dropped the ball?”

So I started teaching people how to turn those questions around and instead ask, “How can I adapt to the changing world?” “What can I do to develop myself?” and “How can I help solve the problem?”

This was the birth of the concept called “The Question Behind the Question”—soon shortened to “QBQ.” For lots of people, the QBQ methodology became the “how to” for practicing Personal Accountability.

In 1995, you began building your speaking/writing career around one principle: Personal Accountability. How come?

Because the world needs Personal Accountability and it’s the cornerstone of success. It’s also the foundation of effective training—on any “topic.” Training fails when people fail to practice Personal Accountability.

What was your first book and who published it?

Titled Personal Accountability and self-published in 1998 under the name “Denver Press,” the first book was … 300 pages! When the Who Moved My Cheese? phenomenon hit and the corporate market wanted quicker reads, we downsized it, publishing the title QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. In 2004, we sold QBQ! to Penguin Random House in NYC, our publisher and good partner today.

How many QBQ! books have sold?

1.5 million in five editions, with the “new and improved” 5th edition now on the market!

What does QBQ, Inc. do today?

We conduct QBQ! workshops and speaking engagements, license QBQ! training to corporations for internal use, and sell lots of books. All at QBQ.com, a URL we’ve owned since 1998. Stop by today!

Thanks for enjoying a bit of our history. Now …

For Discussion:

If you know and practice QBQ! at work or home, what is the #1 benefit you’ve experienced? Leave a comment … we’d love to know!

Don’t forget to watch the video and email that key number to info@QBQ.com. If you don’t, you won’t have a chance to win five autographed books!


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been teaching managers and my team members personal accountability for several years now, after reading and putting into action QBQ at work and home.

    I taught a group of servers at my restaurant Monday . Tuesday morning, one of the servers asked me how the restaurant looked this morning, because he asked himself,” what can I do better, to ensure the restaurant is cleaner”?

    I was so proud of him!!! Thanks John, for continuing to teach us personal accountability! I’ve enjoyed your books, and truly listening to you at a Darden GM conference a few years back!

  2. Very interesting video. I think my struggle is feeling like it is to late to reach my goal. This was very encouraging I have to keep in moving I will get there. Thanks (oh and yes I remember cassette tapes)

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