QBQ! Challenges Thinking

Whenever a QBQ! QuickNote goes out we get a bunch of responses, especially on one like we sent two days ago since it had “politics” in the title. Get it here.

Anyway, here is a gal at Purdue U. who saw me speak on “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” there in 2007 who continues to believe in QBQ! and the power of asking accountable questions!. This is real life stuff, folks – and it’s exactly why QBQ! is so badly needed – because it’s so darn easy to play victim and ask lousy questions. Her note:

Mr. Miller, here’s some encouragement and a testament to how QBQ! and its message of personal accountability have impacted me:

I was in a meeting today with a group from the Purdue campus that all combined represents over 10,000 employees. So place yourself in a room with roughly 25 professional staff reps, an equal number of clerical/trades staff reps, the VP of Human Resources, the Executive VP & Treasurer, and the interim President.  We had an hour-long session where we heard from a number of employee reps expressing concern over, “Why don’t supervisors set goals for us?!” and “Why don’t supervisors do more to develop staff?!” I listened till nearly the end and was recognized to ask the final question of the day. So instead of asking a question I decided to share the QBQ! idea and methodology with the group.

Holy cow, you’d think I had whacked a sleeping bee hive! The group proceeded to have some spirited dialogue for another 15 minutes till the executives had to leave. And then some more after that! It was fun watching the idea of practicing personal accountability for your own career make people think!


Yep, that’s what QBQ! does – it makes us think. Think about getting rid of Victim Thinking, Blame, and Procrastination from our lives. And that’s a great way to spend our day, eh?

How about at your work? What kind of lousy questions do you hear – or ask?

Please comment and let us know!

John G. Miller
Author of QBQ!
Denver, CO USA


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