Pure Personal Accountability

One of our “Personal Accountability & the QBQ!” training distributors, in her 70s and retiring from consulting, emailed …

“John, I reviewed the QBQ! training materials before shipping them back you. I was reminded again of critical content my husband and I need more than ever: the ‘ultimate QBQ’ piece. I really need to ask, ‘How can I let go of that which I can’t control?’ Our life has many challenges and we need to ask this QBQ every day. Thank you for this.”

If someone who thoroughly knows the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability—and has facilitated QBQ! training countless times with clients—believes this, how much could we all find value in The Ultimate QBQ!?

“How can I let go of that which I can’t control?”

Presented in the QBQ! book, imagine using this QBQ to let go of—

      • people we cannot change

      • events we cannot control

      • a past we cannot alter

      • the future we cannot foresee

    With so much occurring in our lives beyond our control, the “win” that comes from asking The Ultimate QBQ! is an intense focus on what we can affect—ourselves. 👏🏻

    This is pure Personal Accountability. Will you ask this QBQ today?


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