QBQ: Standing Strong On Principle(s)

tree fallen on a yardSolid principles are required to successfully withstand the pressures of daily living.

My sister sent this photo of her Ohio tree that withstood countless storms through five decades—but finally caved to the forces of wind and rain.

This can happen to us. Life isn’t easy, and no matter how firmly rooted we are, there’s risk. In a culture of “shifting winds,” we are battered daily by new and conflicting messages. It’s challenging to remain strong. 

To remain rooted.

The solution? Principles.

Principle: a fundamental law, doctrine, tenet, or value guiding us toward right conduct.

Do you have unwavering values that underpin your life no matter the circumstances? 

In the QBQ! book, the core principle is Personal Accountability. When life happens, accountability enables us to not complain, whine, procrastinate, and blame. As we stare into the mirror to see what can be owned, we ask QBQs (tutorial) like, “What can I do now?” and “How can I move forward?”

Pointing fingers, being offended, and feeling victimized and entitled are commonplace. Accountability, though, enables us to eschew these traps so we can successfully face daily challenges.

Personal Accountability is a deep root that helps us win.

What principle roots you?


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  1. The greatest of all principles are these two: Love and Truth
    Followed by Respect which is rooted in Love and at the core of the Golden Rule.
    Then Personal Accountability ==> “If it is to be it is up to me”

    But as Jesus said:
    “By myself I can do NOTHING. As I hear, I judge and my judgment is just.” John 5:30
    And “Not my will, but the will of the one who sent me”.

    So to be firmly rooted and never yield to the storms of life we need to continually seek Divine Guidance (what does the Spirit say we should do as Jesus suggests) to discern what it true and what is just out of our love for each other.

    Then we can stand tall and strong and be a shelter for others, like our mighty trees!

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