Praising People: DIScourager or ENcourager?

I was actually present in 1974 when this photo was taken. Scaffolding had been rigged with ropes and pulleys to hoist a heavy church organ up into a rear loft. As men worked, a side door opened and a seventysomething woman appeared. My dad, Mr. Enthusiasm and church pastor (in photo with my brother), exclaimed, “Mrs. B, look! The organ’s going where it belongs — in the choir loft!”

The expressionless gal responded flatly … Don’t drop it. The door closed. She was gone.

Almost 50 years later, I can honestly say she “killed the moment.” 😭

When I bumped into a friend and mentioned I’d lost 43 pounds — on purpose — he declared, “You need to eat; you’re too skinny.”

Not complimentary. 😩

Is it our human nature to be more discouraging than encouraging? Or just a bad habit? I’m not sure, but here’s a QBQ-esque question: How much greater value can I contribute to people’s lives by sharing positive words of praise?

To become a skilled and habitual encourager, let’s start with this accountable promise:

I commit to speaking uplifting words that leave friends, family, and colleagues feeling better than before our moment together began.

Who will you encourage today?


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  1. That’s a good reminder. I know I feel better when I receive encouraging words. I need to remember to be an encourager. Thanks!

  2. I always aspire to respond positive not negative. God gave us the ability to choose how we approach life and as Chuck Swindall wrote in Attitude, I believe Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it…
    Be the ENcourager whatever the circumstance….!

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