Personal Accountability: The Better Path

Have you ever heard questions such as …

“Why don’t I ever get a break?”

“When will people be nicer to me?”

“Who’s going to start giving me what I deserve?”

“Why don’t others understand me better?”

If you have, you’ve witnessed some bad stuff: Victim/entitlement thinking, blame, finger-pointing, and procrastination.

The truth is most people have many more blessings than can be counted. And it takes a very special mindset to focus on them. One where we are willing and able to ask The Question Behind the Question—or QBQ.

The QBQ is a practical and powerful tool for shifting ones thinking toward contribution, service, gratitude and most of all—Personal Accountability. When we ask better questions—QBQs—like, “What can I do to serve people?” “How can I find the positive?” and “What action can I take to contribute?” we have risen above the way-too-prevalent human conditions of complaining, bemoaning, and feeling sorry for oneself.

Those who practice this way of thinking—and living—don’t attend Pity Parties. They live on a higher plane where they help others, radiate joy, solve problems, and move forward. New challenges are sought because the accountable person knows that without hills to climb, there is no growth—and little joy.

They know that envy and entitlement are dangerous diseases that prevent us from being our best, making a difference, and finding that better path of Personal Accountability that exists for us all—if we choose it.

Go ahead, ask a QBQ today. And comment below sharing the QBQ you’ll be asking … we’d love to know!


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