Parenting the QBQ Way

by John and Karen Miller

Parenting the QBQ Way

Raising great children isn’t easy, but it can be done … the QBQ way!

I read it and was awestruck with its content! We have a parent meeting soon and will give each parent a copy. Can I get fifty copies, please?

Personal accountability begins at home with responsible parenting. In a world that seems completely lacking in accountability and personal responsibility at times, moms and dads can make a difference by practicing personal accountability in their parenting on a daily basis.

In the new “PQW” book, parents will learn how to …

  • Model personal accountability and humility
  • Do the hard stuff when the kids are young
  • Know when and why to discipline
  • Define parenting “absolutes”
  • Take action on the small things now
  • Define the role of grandparents
  • Move beyond regret
  • Transfer your values to your kids
  • Reduce family stress
  • Build trust within the home
  • Eliminate blame, complaining, victim thinking, and procrastination
  • Defend the family from entitlement thinking
  • Share ten lessons about money
  • Adapt to change as the kids grow
  • Prepare children for effective living
  • Teach QBQ! to the children

Written by John and Karen Miller, married since 1980 and parents of seven children, this powerful and practical parenting handbook is the ideal tool for parents, grandparents, and anyone else concerned with raising accountable kids in today’s unaccountable world.

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