Parenting: Introspection by Parents Is a Good Thing!


When my wife, Karen, and I decided to write “Parenting the QBQ Way” we certainly didn’t know how it would impact people. But if it does nothing more than help parents engage in some “looking in the mirror” introspection, then it’s helped moms and dads and their families immeasurably. Parenting is such an awesome role and “job”why wouldn’t each of us seek daily to improve?

When as a parent I recognize that it’s about the questions I ask, immediately I’m on a learning path.

Enjoy the comments below from one “PQW” reader …

John G. Miller, Author of

Millers, I bet my story is one you’ve heard, but I am writing to say thanks!

I was introduced to the QBQ! book at work and I’ve used it to first change myself and then help improve the organization I represent. 

When I saw that “Parenting the QBQ Way” was out, I ordered it that day. Now that I have it, I am grateful for the power the book provides. I see clearly that my greatest struggles as a father have come not because of what my children do, but because of the “Incorrect Questions” that I ask. By asking QBQs instead, I am surely a better dad.

Thank you for writing such a practical book that enables me to see where I can and should improve!


PS: I can’t help but wonder how different and better our world would be if everyone knew and practiced the message of personal accountability taught in your QBQ! book!


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