What We Have Here Is a Failure to Practice PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY

Amanda - Tony's bride - thumbing for a ride!

Amanda – Tony’s bride – thumbing for a ride!

Tony, a QBQ! training distributor for ten years, just retired. We were proud to have him on our team for many reasons. One of those reasons is … he gets it.

Enjoy his “lousy customer service” story! 

John, on my son, Tony’s, big day, the wedding party of 11 was picked up in a stretch limo for the hour ride to the ceremony location. Right away we noticed the vehicle’s air conditioning wasn’t working well and within minutes the driver pulled over to the shoulder of the busy 4-lane highway because …

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The 6 Words of Personal Accountability

“Black and white” Defined:

Involving one idea that is clearly right and another that is clearly wrong, so it is not difficult to make a moral decision. (Source: MacMillan Dictionary)

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I posted a question on our QBQ! Facebook page and received some surprising responses—at least to me.

The question:

In your opinion, are employees responsible for the organization’s profit or is profit a management job?

The answers:

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1,000,000 Chances to Practice Personal Accountability


David, an AutoTrader executive, made a very cool statement.

After reading QBQ!, attending a QBQ! keynote at a national conference, and implementing the QBQ! training system with his team—in other words, after he’d been exposed to our message of Personal Accountability in several ways—he said:

“John, QBQ! brings English muffins to mind.”

Chuckling, I responded, “Oh, wow, David, that’s a new one. In what way?”

“Well, the more I immerse myself in the material, the more I find there’s not a ‘nook and cranny’ in my life where I cannot apply QBQ!

Like melted butter on a warm English muffin, Personal Accountability seeps into every area of my life—if I let it. If “nooks and crannies” represent the roles we play and moments we experience in a lifetime, there just might be 1,000,000 chances to practice Personal Accountability.

My list, like yours, begins with my obvious roles:

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Personal Accountability: Growing Up In Dysfunction Junction

age of accountability1973:  At 15, future @QBQGuy – Johnny “the mascot” – doing his job making sister, Lucy, and bro-in-law, Tom, laugh.

There are parallel, if not competing, truths existing in my life:

The alcoholic home I grew up in shaped me in every way.

I am accountable for all of my thoughts, emotions, words, actions, and results.

Recently, on our Raising Accountable Kids Facebook page, a follower posted this question:

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Personal Accountability Is For … ?!?

Personal Accountability QBQ

I checked in on Twitter (@QBQGuy) and saw that someone had posted a photo of the QBQ! book, saying, “My next read!”

I was honored.

Then I noticed the rest of the Tweet: “QBQ! is about holding people accountable!”

So I hung my head and sighed.

Don’t get me wrong … I was thrilled for the social media plug. What hit me, though, was this thought:

Nothing has changed.

What hasn’t changed? This myth:

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Quick Poll: Why Practice Personal Accountability?

If you’re a fan of the QBQ! book and follow us on social media, then you know this: We are really big proponents of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY (PA).

We write about PA, train on PA, give keynote presentations about PA. And, like you—work hard to practice PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY at work and home.

My wife, Karen, and I even wrote a whole book on the power of accountable parenting!

But … why?

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Personal Accountability: Doing My Job

Do you job

I asked Molly, our twentysomething daughter, who has served as captain of soccer and basketball teams, “Molly, in your opinion, what makes an effective team?” I was honestly just curious what she’d say; it wasn’t like I was doing book research! But I loved her answer: “Everyone taking care of their own stuff, Dad. Everybody working hard at doing their job.” I appreciated her thought so much, it went into Outstanding! under the chapter titled, “Work!”

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