The Time To Be Outstanding Is NOW!

As our heavily damaged economy slowly comes back to life, I can’t imagine a more critical time to stand out.

Said differently, it’s time to … be outstanding.

Is your organization there? If not, what needs to change?

Bottom line, success will be driven by where paying customers choose to spend their money. As in pre-Coronavirus days, they will vote with their dollars — and feet.

We must be as excellent as we can possibly be. No organization can afford to lose cash-carrying customers. Of course, it will happen since our organizations are made up of humans and humans make mistakes.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

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Management Accountability: The Proverbial “Buck” Stops Here

excuse making, poor management, accountability, customer service

What’s really behind a lousy customer service moment? Let’s find out …

The Story

A consumer told us of her experience with a popular quick-serve chicken place. Here’s the phone call:

Customer: “I ordered a $13 meal online yesterday, but when I arrived at 8 pm, your lights were off and there was no one there.”

Popeyes: “We don’t do returns.”

Customer: “Returns? No, I’d like a refund.”

Popeyes: “When was this?”

Customer: “Last night.”

Popeyes: “We were open till 11.”

Customer: “Your store was dark and deserted. I was there.”

Popeyes: “Bring in your receipt today for your meal.”

Customer: “No, thanks. I’d like my refund.”

Popeyes: “We don’t do returns.”

Customer: “I will contact my bank and reverse the credit card charge.”

Popeyes: “Okay.”

The Cost

So, this paying patron has told some friends about her experience—and now you know about it. All for …

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Your Career: Having Fun Yet?

career, strengths, weaknesses, resume, QBQ

Yep, that’s me in the old photo, on stage early in my “speaker” career, sharing “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” with the Jostens’ management team in 1997. Mustache and all. Being verbal; having fun! 

What Seemed to Be My Weakness

During these COVID-19 days, my wife and I have been doing what many have been doing: cleaning, sorting, and remembering the past.

Browsing my 7th-grade yearbook from Dewitt Junior High in Ithaca, NY, we re-discovered something about me:

I’m not only extremely verbal now …

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Personal Accountability: No Throwing Stones!

There’s a ton of COVID-19 angst and anger in the world today, for sure. Being home together 24/7, my wife, Karen, and I have lots of time to discuss what’s going on. You probably do, too.

Interestingly, somehow, we’ve learned even more about each other than we knew before. Even though we began dating … in 1976 and married in 1980!

Last evening, as we talked about the finger-pointing and blame we’re witnessing — not to mention incessant recrimination and hind-sighting — Karen shared a short story I’d not heard before …

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Setting Boundaries In Our Work and Families

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Our photo shows just one way we bring the message of Personal Accountability and the QBQ! to clients. A zoom training session like this is a timely option.

While chatting from my home office in Denver, Colorado with a fine team based in Virginia, I was asked this question:

“John, how do I use QBQ! to practice personal accountability while not going so far that I do people’s work for them?”

Surely, a terrific question and one that in one form or another, we’ve heard for a long time. People want to take more ownership but are not always certain when to …

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Diversity: The Foundation of Outstanding Teams

Is your team diverse?

Karen and I (and our four biological kids) are Caucasian. Our three adopted daughters are African-American. Son-in-law, Ricardo, is Mexican, and our only daughter-in-law, Casey, has Native American blood running through her veins.

We’re different in heritage and skin color. Also in personality. Imagine that! 😉

A Relationship of Differences

When Justin was dating a Miller daughter, sharp personality differences came to light. One eve at 9:30, I was heading to bed when he stopped me on the stairs with, “So, John, how does QBQ, Inc. bring in revenue?” I stared at him like he was from another planet. My brain shuts down by 6 o’clock. In a friendly but firm soon-to-be-father-in-law tone, I said …

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How Do I Get My Team to Read This Book?

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Do you buy books for others?

When Who Moved My Cheese? was the hot title, a Barnes & Noble employee told me, “I’ve never seen anything like it—customers are backing up the truck to load this title up!”

Of course, I would rather have heard that about the QBQ! book, but it wasn’t quite our time. 😉

I do recall wondering, though, how many people actually read the Cheese book after their boss plopped it onto their desk.

There’s nothing new about managers buying books for staff; it’s a fine way to teach and train. Yet, there are ways to do it and ways not to do it …

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