Goal-Setting: Most Advice Is Wrong

Tower2A mentor of mine—W.Steven Brown—taught me a goal-setting concept that would challenge the modern-day over-achiever. 

A true goal is not the mountain I hope to climb, an image of a new Mercedes on my fridge, or the weight I claim I’ll lose. We say those are goals, but they’re not.

A real goal is this:

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21 Ingredients for Holiday Stress


The holidays are a special time … until they’re not. They can be quickly ruined when we choose to engage in stress-inducing behaviors. So, this year, let’s each commit to not serving up this joy-killing dish!

Recipe for Holiday Stress: 21 Ingredients to Avoid!

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A QBQ! Essay On Being Offended

offendedI am trying to comprehend exactly how I would feel throughout a day if I were offended all the time.

Perpetually feeling slighted, hurt, bruised, misunderstood, and under-appreciated.

Would I wake up feeling undervalued? By mid-morning would I feel bewildered because nobody has yet told me how great and special I am?

By noon, am I livid because I’m so put upon?

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Powerful Mentoring: What Mentors Really Do

Mentee John Miller — Mentor Jim Strutton

Mentee John Miller — Mentor Jim Strutton

On a frigid Minnesota January eve, I sat on the edge of the hotel suite couch. Leaning forward, I was working to make a good impression.

It was 1986 and was 27.

When the interview ended, the 6’ 3” sales manager from Atlanta looked down at 5’ 6” me and said, “John, you will make someone a fine sales rep.”

As the door closed behind me, I thought …

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5 Management Mindsets That Kill Training

Learning 2

Allow me to give a “shout out” to some QBQ! training clients. Please bear with me, there’s an important message coming.

Dave Field of Interprint, Inc. in Massachusetts—2005

Debbie Slocum of Husqvarna Construction Products in Missouri—2006

Jeff Clark of Toshiba America Business Solutions in South Dakota—2013

Don Burstow of Burstows Funeral Care in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia—2015

The dates shown denote when each client began using “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” training.

I mention these executives because they do what most management folks don’t:

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7 Signs We’ve Taken Accountability Too Far


Jeremy posted this question on our QBQ! Facebook page:

Is it possible to have too much personal accountability?

Our response: 

Sure, Jeremy—but then it’s not personal accountability. It’s crossing boundaries, being controlling, and taking charge when we have no right.

This topic has always been a challenge to convey to people—including myself.

Why? Because of this truth:

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Time Management: 6 Reasons To Have Deadlines

Retro Parking meter isolated on white with clipping path

When I was 15, my sister, Lucy, older and wiser by seven years, said something that didn’t make sense to my teen brain:

“If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

More than forty years later, I recall how that statement confused me—but I get it now.

People with a lot to do already have momentum, vigor, and the systems and tools in place for efficient living. They’re the best candidates for handling a task, solving a problem, or assisting a person, team, or organization in achieving a new goal. 

And, busy people also have …

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Got Anger? How Anger Prevents Accountability


I’ve noticed something about people who day in and day out practice PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY:

They’re in control.

They don’t fly off the handle or overreact. They don’t allow anger to take root, shaping their behaviors.

Being human, though, we can have anger that prevents us from being accountable. Here are three anecdotes:

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Parenting the QBQ Way: The Financial Piece

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Note: John shares about this blog on Periscope/YouTube here:

When Miller Child #5, Charlene, landed her first job ever (at Target), she went online to view her first paycheck:


If I recall correctly, she shrieked, “I’m rich!”

Well, no, but if you manage your money well, you may be someday—especially if you avoid asking Incorrect Questions or “IQs” (visit here for a quick tutorial) such as these:

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