Outstanding Customer Service: Ace Is The Place Where Rob Works

service, customer service, accountability, qbqOur most recent blog below (don’t miss our giveaway!) was titled “13 Reasons NOT To Be In Retail.” Here’s someone who is perfect for retail!

I phoned our local Ace Hardware store before it opened early one morning and heard this bright, cheery, energetic, and clear voice:
“Good morning! Ace of Reunion! This is Rob, how may I help you?”
I understood every word. His tone invited me in. He gave me his name with no mumbling. Wow!
I paused for just a second, taking in Rob’s phone demeanor and how I was now feeling about calling the store. I didn’t comment on his customer service, though. I simply proceeded with “Good morning, Rob!” and my question …

An hour later, I met Rob. Telling him what I write about, I said, “Rob, I must say, your phone answering skills and presentation are among the best I have ever heard or seen. Outstanding!”
Rob, a man in his mid-40s, beamed. Smiled ear-to-ear. And thanked me.
I left feeling good.
Improve someone’s day today by telling them they’re outstanding. Not only is it an outstanding thing to do—it will make your day better, too!

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