Outstanding Organizations NEVER Stop Improving

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Do the best organizations strive to get better? They sure do as they work toward achieving that highest level of exceptionalism. What we simply call … outstanding. 

These Organizations Do Exist

After getting off the phone with the CEO of Vortex Optics, I knew Kristin and I had just talked to a leader who knows what he’s doing. A family-held organization with 300 staff, CEO Joe Hamilton works alongside his siblings in a business their dad founded. We were impressed with the way he thinks and thankful for his belief in QBQ! To be honest, I was not aware of the stellar reputation of this organization until the next day.

I casually mentioned to my son-in-law, Justin, who fought in Iraq and loves all things outdoors, Vortex is a client. My gut told me their products would interest him. I was right …

Justin Loves Vortex

When I spoke “Vortex,” Justin stopped what he was doing, turned, and looked at me with an expression of surprise and excitement. Actually, amazement. He said, “Excuse me, Vortex has hired you? Do you know who they are?“

I said, “Yeah, they’re an organization in Wisconsin that believes in the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability. So much so, they’re bringing Kristin in for QBQ! training.”

Justin looked at his elderly dad-in-law like I didn’t get it—which I didn’t. That’s when he decided to explain it to this non-hunter-type guy.

In minutes, I learned Vortex makes the best binoculars and rifle scopes in the world. I was informed of how they serve the hunting community, and how outdoorsy people everywhere love Vortex. There was great detail, as Justin’s knowledge was vast.

Then, after his mini-sermon extolling the virtues of our newest client, he stated, “And don’t get me started on their warranty program. Amazing!“

“In what way?” I asked.

“John, they replaced binoculars that were melted in a customer’s home in the Paradise California fire! How’s that for starters?!?”

Outstanding Happens

I must say, when we included in Outstanding! the chapter titled “Stand Behind Your Stuff,” we didn’t have in mind what Vortex does for customers. After some research, I realize it is amazing.

When I connected busy CEO Joe with Justin by email, the outstanding continued. Joe and Justin emailed back and forth and … Joe sent him free Vortex caps and shirts. Now Justin is telling all his friends.


Meanwhile, speaker Kristin will be with Joe’s team soon teaching “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!”—as if they need it. ?

Actually, this is what the best organizations do:

They. Just. Keep. Learning.

When I asked Joe if I could send him a copy of Outstanding! he responded with a photo of the book, which he keeps handy. Honored!

Want to enjoy the moving Vortex Paradise fire story? About three minutes—here.

So, is your organization this outstanding? Only you (and your customers) know. Comments welcome!

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