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I dropped my family at the San Diego airport and drove the mini-van to the Hertz facility. Once parked, I headed toward the Hertz bus. It was there that Candy (the driver standing outside the vehicle) demonstrated a billion dollars in customer service training:

Receiving a genuine smile and a warm “Welcome aboard!” clearly I was entering a 5 star hotel on wheels.

Minutes later, handing her a $5 tip, I asked, “Candy, has anyone thanked you for your smile today?”

She beamed.

And I thought, Being outstanding really is that simple.

Organizations, please—hire this, teach this.

Leave a comment below telling us about a “Candy” you’ve met!

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  1. We have a supervisor Frank, all the supervisors are good but Frank is a Rock Star! He always answers a call, always returns an email and never says, me again ok I will take the call the issue, the whatever. He is definitely Outstanding!

  2. Two years ago I was mailing a package and when I arrived at the post office I was not prepared for how much it was going to cost to buy a box for the package and the cash I had was not going to be enough. It was also the last day to mail it and it was close to closing (procrastination is an art form for me). Sensing my frustration the lady (I’ll call her “Candy” too) behind the counter disappeared for several minutes and reappeared with a box. she definitely went out of her way and I made sure and let her supervisor know about later in the week.

  3. I met a waiter a few weeks ago who was that kind of star performer. Never met someone who seemed to thoroughly care about his clients. Mgmt of the restaurant received a phone call about this employee and I hope they gave him a gold star. His teammates could learn a thing or two from his attention to detail.

  4. I read this blog while on a business trip this week. I had came back to my motel and found a note from housekeeping that said
    “Have a blessed day!!!
    Enjoy your stay
    Housekeeping Kelli”
    I have no idea who she is, but she made my day!
    I even answered it saying “Thanks Kelli! You too!”
    (I tried to include a picture of the note but couldn’t figure how to paste it in here…)

  5. John…my wife and I are big movie goers and experienced something for the first time last night. The girl taking our Coke and Popcorn order did two things. First she asked how much ice I wanted in my Coke…little, some, or a lot. Being an ice lover in my Coke, that was a welcomed first for me! Then when she turned to fill up our popcorn bucket, rather than scrape up the old popcorn which would have filled the bucket, she asked if we wanted to wait a couple of minutes because a fresh batch was ready to be popped. We waited and she filled it with fresh popcorn. I thanked her profusely for her OUTSTANDING service!

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