Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional

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“Outstanding! hits the nail on the head in every way: Practical content, terrific stories, and an easy read. Miller has provided a road map for organizations to become exceptional—just follow the path laid out. Definitely a must read!”

Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover author and host of The Dave Ramsey Show

Author’s Note: Outstanding! is not “the next QBQ! book.” Broader in scope and more “organizational” in its focus, Outstanding! is different—and equally meaningful.

After consulting with thousands of organizations since 1986, I wrote Outstanding! to highlight what the best organizations do. Managers and individual contributors can learn a great deal by studying what makes other organizations successful. So now, without spending decades asking thousands of questions like I did, you have in Outstanding! 47 “ideas that work”!

Containing a theme of personal accountability, Outstanding! provides practical “how to” ideas. With easy-to-read, story-based chapters, Outstanding! can be read by an individual or studied in a team setting. Choosing favorite chapters for a second and third read enables anyone to quickly apply the material. Outstanding! should be kept handy and referred to often.

As Dave Ramsey says, Outstanding! is a “roadmap” to success.

I hope you enjoy reading Outstanding! as much as I did writing it. Send me an email sharing what it does for your organization—and you. I’d love to know!

But first, enjoy this comprehensive review of Outstanding!

John G. Miller
Denver, Colorado USA