NO EXCUSES — The Best Way To Live

Would you be surprised if I told you the email response above is, well, rare? As in super rare?!

I’ve always chuckled over how corporations—actually, the people who work inside them—come up with as many excuses for not paying an invoice as a 10-year-old does for not turning in homework! My co-speaker, Kristin, and I have heard all of these and more:

  • I never received the invoice.
  • The invoice email was in my junk folder.
  • Another department sat on the bill.
  • We needed to create a PO and that takes forever.
  • My boss went on vacation.
  • Accounts Payable coded it wrong.
  • Somebody mailed your check to the wrong vendor.
  • You (the vendor) didn’t complete the paperwork correctly in our <complicated and laborious> payment process! ?

Not Robert, though. Not only has he been actively involved in the implementation of the “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” training program at his organization, but he’s also taken it to heart. QBQ! has become part of him.

Robert. Lives. QBQ!

One look at his response to Kristin’s inquiry about the unpaid and overdue invoice tells you all you need to know about Robert. He “gets” Personal Accountability. His grasp of it is profound. He knows the essence of this life-changing principle is — NO EXCUSES.

Can you imagine living a life like that? Maybe you can — and do. If so, you would never make excuses like these excerpted from the QBQ! companion book, Flipping the Switch. In question form, here are —

10 Excuses To Avoid

  1. When I was late to work, did I blame the morning traffic?

  2. When my child’s grades fell, did I blame the teachers?

  3. When I lost my job, did I blame the economy?   

  4. When I returned a call late, did I say, “I’ve just been so busy”?

  5. When I was in a bad mood, did I blame my family/coworkers for my feelings?

  6. When the sale fell through, did I blame our product pricing or the customer?

  7. When my customer didn’t get the product, did I blame the shipping dep’t?

  8. When my son got into trouble, did I blame the friends he hangs out with?

  9. When my drive put the ball into the rough, did I blame the wind?

  10. When I forgot to follow through on a promise, did I say, “Life is too hectic”?

Living a life of NO EXCUSES is not a matter of willpower or self-control, it’s a skill that can be acquired. All one has to do is bite one’s tongue and say … well, what Robert said. Robert is a NO EXCUSES guy and a role model for the rest of us. ??

He understands NO EXCUSES is the best way to live.

What is the #1 reason we make excuses? What excuses, if any, have you been making?

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  1. Hi there….

    The most common one I hear is, “I don’t have time for that.” And I always tell my wife….I am not going to say that. Because I do have time for it….I just don’t choose to allocate time for it. Most of us do “have time for it” if we choose to make the time.

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