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Change happens when we think deeply, reflect personally, and engage with content frequently—all leading to action. When true, accountable study occurs, the QBQ! ideas and methods come to life. Personal Accountability, as a guiding value, then makes great things happen! This is what The QBQ! Workbook will do for you!

BRAND NEW EDITION! Selling a million copies, the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability is timeless and timely! A practical book for living a richer life at work and at home, QBQ! enables us to eliminate Blame, Procrastination, and Victim Thinking. Life-changing and lighthearted, QBQ! is packed with memorable stories you’ll never forget—and ideas you’ll want to live!

NEW PAPERBACK EDITION! Outstanding! is a roadmap for leaders. With 47 practical ideas and true stories informing us what we can do to be outstanding, this softcover edition contains powerful chapter-ending discussion questions. A great tool for your team, organization, and you!

Responsible children are raised only when parents practice PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY! Formerly Parenting the QBQ Way, this freshly edited, re-themed parent handbook contains 100+ new discussion questions making it ideal for self-study, couples, and small groups. Practical! Order today!

Freshly rewritten and better than ever, Flipping the Switch is the companion book to QBQ!helping people take PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY to the next level! This story-packed book brings 5 powerful principles to life: Learning, Ownership, Creativity, Service, Trust. Time to “flip the switch”!