Master Money Manager Millennial Molly

MollyDid you hear our Broncos won Super Bowl 50? Well, the next day there was a scramble for championship jerseys here in Denver. Miller daughter Molly—Child #4 of 7—ran to Dick’s Sporting Goods and grabbed one for hubby, Ricardo.

But it was too small. When she returned it, the jerseys were gone.

So just the other day Molly popped onto eBay and found one. She bid, waited—and got it! Whoo hoo! Her real excitement, though, was evident when she said this:

“And, Dad, I made a profit of $9!”

I chuckled. “Profit”—that’s funny.

Most people might say, “And on eBay it was $9 less”—or something like that. But not Master Money Manager Millennial Molly … Cardenas.

Originally the youngest of four till Karen and I adopted three girls below her in age, and the child who NEVER got a joke growing up, we NEVER thought she’d be the one to someday:

1. Turn a phrase in a way that would make us laugh
2. Manage money like one who lived through The Great Depression

Personal finance expert, Dave Ramsey, says people who do well with their money “bother to bother.”

In other words, they practice PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY by knowing where their money comes from, how much is coming in, and exactly where it goes—month in, month out. 

That’s Molly.

Since Ricardo and Molly married almost four years ago, we’ve watched this now 25-year-old blossom into a money manager that any fiscal conservative and Dave Ramsey follower could learn from.

And that’s a good thing.

With “Cardo” heading into the ministry and Molly serving as an athletic trainer for a faith-based school, they’ll probably never be “rich.” But with Baby #1 due May 1st, they’re rich in other ways—and it’s a good time to bother to bother.

And she does. I mean, who else would spend ten minutes passionately showing me how the modern-day, new-fangled CLOTH diaper works???

(One that retails for $11 but she got for $1.50 using points and coupons!)

See photo and know this: Miller grandchild #6 might be the first whose diapers this grandpa won’t be bothering to change.

How are you doing with your money? Feel free to share!

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6 Responses

  1. Great story, with a valuable point made – thanks! Our 4 sons were born in fairly rapid succession (i.e., over a period of 4 years and 9 months). As a result, once we began changing diapers, we had someone in diapers for the next 7 years. A couple months after our youngest was out of diapers, the realization that I was DONE changing diapers hit me like a lightening bolt. I have not and will never change any grandchild’s diapers – for two reasons: 1) I don’t have to. 2) I just don’t want to. Best of luck to Ricardo and Molly.

  2. Too funny John, loved the story as well as the warning / admonition regarding the changing of cloth diapers!

    It reminded me how our eldest daughter assured us that the girls were potty trained before we took them for a month a few Summers ago…. apparently the term “potty trained” is not a universal interpretation! (“no longer needs the daily diaper” versus “has used a toilet correctly at least one time”) That detail notwithstanding, we look forward to their annual Summer visits, although they have gotten a little shorter in length, and start a little later in grand life (diaper free!) Thanks for that blessing, too!

  3. Congratulations on another grandbaby! And I totally agree with you on the new fangled diapers!

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