Only 199 Words! Accountability: The Legacy I Leave

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Our photo is an all-time fav. In 1983, when my dad crossed the country on AmTrak to visit my wife and Miller Kid #1 (Kristin) in Montana, he made friends along the way. Jimmy Miller always made friends. 😊

“Legacy” is a big idea, and I’m solely responsible for mine. How about you and yours?

Receiving this note 23 years after my dad departed this world causes me to realize a positive, lasting legacy absolutely can be left behind. Pete, a new LinkedIn connection, shared this story—one I’d never heard:

“John, your father rescued me from what could have been a dangerous night. I had way too much to drink and was hitchhiking in a snowstorm. He saw me outside and graciously invited me into his home. It was 10 degrees with strong winds. I probably wouldn’t have made it long. Your dad is one of those who saved me from me. I’ve been sober for 24+ years. I’m grateful to him.”

Coach/pastor Jimmy Miller was imperfect, as we all are, but that doesn’t mean we cannot serve people, contribute mightily, and make a difference while on Earth—which could lead to being remembered positively decades later. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 👍🏻

If it’s true that we reap what we sow, and what goes around comes around, my guess is whatever cloud my dad is resting upon today, he’s doing well. 😊

Since we’re each accountable for our legacy, so how’s your legacy building going? What have you done recently to add value to another person’s life? Comment below! 

Oh, and Peter joined our QBQ! Facebook Group. Will you?


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  1. Peter’s story warms my heart and fills my soul. May we all be as kind, gracious and fearless as Jimmy Miller was that night. Was it less dangerous decades ago to welcome someone in an altered state into their home? yes, maybe. But that does not mean we should turn our head from those in need. A hand up, not a handout. May we all be THAT PERSON who makes someone else FEEL “wow, they didn’t see me as different. They smiled and spoke to me like I was their friend. Maybe I can turn my life in a different direction.”

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