Kristin E. Lindeen

accountability speaker, accountability training, training, kristin lindeen, qbqKristin grew up in the home of QBQ! as the oldest of seven Miller children. Steeped in the QBQ! message of personal accountability, she is uniquely equipped to share it with others. Her clients include corporations, associations, schools, nonprofits, and government.

For a decade, Kristin has been speaking on the principle of Personal Accountability from the best-selling book QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. Authored by her father, John G. Miller, Kristin has taught this life-changing material, to over 20,000 people in 140+ organizations. She also created The QBQ! Workbook based on the QBQ! book, as well as the I Own It! curriculum for schools.

Kristin holds an M.A. in Curriculum, Instruction and Corporate Education from Colorado Christian University, and enjoys delivering practical content to groups with a style that is energetic and fun. She facilitates QBQ! sessions live, in-person, and also offers VIRTUAL, live training as an option! Check that out here: Web-based VIRTUAL QBQ! training. When not traveling or training, Kristin is home in Maple Grove, Minnesota, enjoying life with her husband, Erik, and their young children, Joshua, Rebecca, and Andrew.

Enjoy Kristin’s speaker demo video here:

Kristin, what a wonderful event! There was so much laughter in the room, it was contagious! We can be a tough crowd but you won us over quickly. The content, the personal stories, and your accessibility during breaks was very much appreciated. You’ve got a great message in “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!”

~J. Clark, Director, Manufacturing/Engineering,Toshiba American Business Solutions

I am not one who enjoys sitting still, and often find speakers to be contrived, boring, or overly enthusiastic and fake, but Kristin was extremely engaging and genuine! She made the QBQ! material come alive for me!

~M. Bartels, Loan Officer, Northpointe Bank

The training was outstanding! Everyone found Kristin very charming and witty. She was a perfect match for my team. I have just ordered Outstanding! for my people, as they came to me asking for it because the QBQ! session was so good. It was the best training we’ve had!

~S. Dugan, NA Sales Director, GE Measurement & Control Solutions

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