JUST99WORDS: The Service Secret

David, a Rockwall, Texas Costco photo customer, shares the secret to winning him over forever:

My posters were done when promised. They took the time to retouch the images, removing every blemish. They did it without any request from me. No extra charge! The final product was beautiful. Guess who gets all of my photo business now?

So, is the secret … ?

  • “when promised”
  • “removed every blemish“
  • “no charge”
  • “beautiful”



“They did it without any request from me.”

Service, as defined in Outstanding!:

Doing something for another I didn’t have to do.

And who can’t do that?


Where have you received service like this?

Comment below!

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3 Responses

  1. John, the disappointing thing is that Outstanding service is so rare these days that its a “newsmaker” when it happens! If only companys (big and small) realized what a difference maker this can be, the simple gesture of providing great service for something your being paid for anyway can make a big difference to your bottom line. Great stuff John!

  2. John, suddenly realized in look back at some old notes, that you were on a roll with the 99 Words idea. Um, what happened? I was inspired. (but I guess not enough to actually notice when the short articles quit showing up)

    I still like your longer articles too! 🙂

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