JUST99WORDS: “Mom, shave my head?”

Final hair.jpg

June 1973. Long hair is trendy. At 15, I’m hot (the sweaty kind).

“Mom, shave my head?”

She did.

Friends laughed. Neighbors pointed. Uncle Bob: “Well, this proves that the hair makes the man.”


But, I was cool (lower temp kind). 

And, I must say, it felt outstanding to stand out—by not conforming. 

Which, 40 years later, is a pretty cool thing to do.

Commonplace: Blame. Victim mentality. Entitlement. I deserve! thinking.

Not. Going. There.

Better path?

Striving. Sweating. Producing. Serving. Contributing.


Be in the world, not of the world. Instead of conforming, choose personal accountability.

Discussion Questions:

In what way have you and/or your family conformed to the world and wish you hadn’t? What/how will you now change? Please share!

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