JUST99WORDS: It’s All About Me!

John, Karen, three active grandkids—and a 34 year, work-in-progress marriage.

In 1991, eleven years married, Karen said, “John, I’m going to marriage counseling. You coming?!”

I went because this relationship is my most important relationship.

I also hoped counseling would … fix Karen. 🙂

Instead, I learned this truth—and have learned it again and again:

I can only change me.

That’s really what personal accountability is about, though difficult to get straight in our heads since most believe accountability is for others.

But relationships are also about me …

Me changing me.

Our QBQ! poll results here reveal relationships are on people’s minds.

Now we just need accountability in our actions.

Who’ve you been trying to fix? How’s that been working for ‘ya?!

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