JUST99WORDS: “I learned a lot!” You sure?

I love those conflicting two-word phrases called oxymorons …

“pretty ugly”

“legal brief”

“old news”

“committee decision”

And, “country music.” 🙂


Adult learning

We’re not good at learning because we’ve “mis-learned” what learning is.

Learning is not about showing up.

Learning is not about going to class, memorizing content, passing a test. That’s called “college.”

Learning is not attending a seminar, listening to a speaker, reading a book.

As written in QBQ! and Parenting the QBQ Way


A learner’s self-talk:

If I’ve not changed, I’ve not learned. 

Simple. Powerful. True.

Have I learned—changed—today?

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying your 99 word blogs! Nice to get a quick “bite” of inspiration and learning, and also a great exercise in communication – how to get a message across simply and concisely. Great stuff!

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