My CPA, Bob, just emailed. His business partner passed away. Gone, at 64.

Probable heart attack. Tragic.

My first thought: I was there days ago; did I say hello to Bill?

Then, suddenly, it was Tuesday May 20, 1975, about 5pm. I was days from 17. My dad pulled into the gas station where, in a booth, I collected money for 49 cent gas.

Anguish in his face. Then: “Mom died an hour ago.”

Gone, at 51. An aneurysm.

Did I tell her I loved her this morning!?

Nope. I did not.

I need to call some people now.

Who will you call, text, email, or speak to today? Share below.

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  1. My Mom is gone (since 1989) but I continue to say how much I love her every time I share a word of encouragement (or withhold a negative word). In honoring her legacy of humble kindness, I tell my Mom I love her every day.

  2. Back in 1969, when I was 19 my Grandad died. When my Uncle finally got there from the Merchant Marines, I so remember him saying in anguish, ” I wish he knew how much I loved him”. That has stuck with me all these 45 year since, & I can still see him crying with his hands over his face. I never hang up a phone call or leave a loved one without telling them I love them. You never know what 5 minutes from now will bring. Tell your friends & family NOW how much you care about them!

  3. Wow, that is so powerful and such a great reminder of the personal accountability we have for how we deal with our loved ones. There are so many in a person’s life that it is hard to talk to them daily, but each chance you get you should treat them with the most love and respect you have for them. As you show in “Did I?”, it may be the last time you DO see them. Thank you for the reminder John!

  4. This is a very simple yet powerful and a beautiful reminder that we just never know. I forwarded your blog to all my loved ones with an “I love you” attached to the end of the message. Thank you for the reminder to be present and enjoy every minute.

  5. Reading your blog as I sit with my mom…..she’s hooked up to an IV getting chemotherapy. Thank you, John, for the “reset” this morning….there are no coincidences.

  6. Excellent reminder. I’ll make my rounds today. These types of checks and balances help us live a life with fewer regrets.
    Also – have I told you how much I appreciate your ministry? If not – I just did.
    Blessings from NJ.

  7. I will call my Dad and tell him I love him and he is a great man. 🙂 And I will hug my baby girl and thank the Lord she is healthy and well!

  8. Whenever there is a major tragedy, such as a shooting, my family and I always have the conversation about telling not only each other what we mean to each other, but also reaching out to everyone about their importance. What if we smiled more, what if we said thank you or your welcomea littel more often, what if you stopped someone on the street who looked upset and asked if they were okay? We’re all in this together…

  9. My mother died at the early age of 65 from a brain tumor. I turn 65 in August. Growing old ain’t for sissies, eh?

  10. Excellent!
    Just last week we had an owner of one of our subcontractors suffer a stroke at age 51, he is in ICU and expected to recover after what I suspect will be months of rehab. Live is much to precious and much too short.
    Thanks again for the reminder.


  11. Way to many times this has happened to me.

    Now every time I can make it happen, upon thinking of a person, I call, text and email, until I reach and say my piece.

    A Simple I am thinking of you goes so far, and when I get that call from others it makes my day,

    Frankly when I see an email from John Miller, I cannot wait to get to where I can read it. They are always a day brightener. Keep up the great work John Blessings to you and your family.

  12. Wow…..I have a list of things I try to do everyday…..smile at a stranger, say hello to someone I don’t know, do 1 good deed….I think I will add another one. Make sure to tell a different family member everyday how much I love them, respect them, admire them! Thanks!

  13. Great reminder to stay in touch w those you love and care about . Also a reminder of the scripture to love one another and serve rather than be served . Easy to forget the main thing in this life . Blessings today ..

  14. Wow! Its so true- life IS short AND precious! A good reminder to cherish every moment with our loved ones!

  15. Try to practice this with my friends and family. I never hang up the phone w/o telling my children I love them….and you know what….I hear them doing the same to each other!

  16. John,

    I never tire of reading this type of exhortation.
    I’m blessed to say, right now, there is no one that I love who has not been told in the very recent past.


  17. Fortunately My last words to both of my parents before they died were “I love you.” They both died very unexpectedly in different years. I’m very blessed by the peace as a result of those words.

  18. On January 29th I was the one that had the unexpected cardiac event. Everyone including the doctors said it shouldn’t have happened. Suddenly I was on the receiving end of many “We Love You”, “We’re Thinking of you”, “Take Care of Yourself”. Forever I will never miss an opportunity to tell everyone how much they mean to me. Even if it is only eye contact and a smile. I am so grateful and wish good health and happiness to all.

  19. I still remember the phone ringing at 5am on a Saturday. My mom telling me my older brother had died from a seizure. What was the last thing I said to him? I don’t remember. As often happens when someone dies at the age of 34, I asked God, why? An answer to those prayers did not come for another 3 years. My wife and I lost our 1st child, Ethan when he was just 5 months old due to multiple heart defects. Anger, saddeness, yes and yes. But thinking that Ethan has his Uncle Bill to be with may just be God’s answer and it brings me some peace. Knowing both are in Heaven brings immeasurable peace. My kids today hear “I love you” every day. Sometimes on a hectic morning when only a casual ‘goodbye’ is exchanged, I’ll quickly make my way to the garage to tell my wife ‘I Love You.’ Thanks for a great ‘mini blog’, I can’t wait for the family to wake up, I have a few hugs to give.

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