JUST99WORDS: #1 Reason to Not Train

This training inquiry made me chuckle—and wince:

“We have 200 employees, but just one who needs QBQ! training.”

One person blames, complains, procrastinates, plays victim, and has become entitled.

One individual lacks accountability.

One employee is the problem.

Funny and sad—but not new …

In 1989 an executive bought management training from me for thirty supervisors. Later, I was told why:

“To fix Ed.”

Poor Ed.

You’d think 25 years later organizations would use the tool of training for the right reason:

To positively impact the culture, system, and environment where people work.

Don’t train to fix people.

Does your organization train for the right reason?
Please tell us about the best or worst training you’ve experienced!
The QBQ! webinar on Wed, May 14 at 1pm eastern is a tool to develop self! 
But have you registered???


2 Responses

  1. Seems like the inquirer is laying everything on poor ‘ol Ed.
    Best training experience: Wasn’t a training, per se, but a retreat with a series of workshops on topics that would benefit the employees as people, rather than as customer service automatons. Things like the basics of aikido, belly dancing, meditation, among some other things just of interest that were not work related. All of the presenters were local business people who were invested in providing something to the community. There were also opportunities to share who we were as individuals outside of work. It was really a day of bonding and made us more invested in supporting who we work with by making them more than an email address and office number. It was a great.

  2. Worst training is no training… My favorite response to why should we spend all this money to train an employee so they can leave… Cause they might stay!

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