Jamar and Jenn: An Outstanding Team

When we published this fun customer service piece—Personal Accountability = Being Outstanding!—our story’s hero, Jamar, surprisingly saw it and commented:

“I come to work to make every guest’s day better! Having a manager who not only allows but encourages employees to truly go above and beyond for customers makes all the difference.”

Now, if I was cynical, I’d think Jamar speaks so glowingly of his superior when he doesn’t have to because he’s really good at “apple polishing.” Google it, young people. 😉

However, the short story is this —

When we shipped Jamar and his manager each a signed QBQ! book, we received an email from Jenn—THE BOSS—proving that she actually is outstanding:

“In your QBQ! book, I found content that totally supports my beliefs about how to run a hotel, along with new ideas that I absolutely love and personally need to implement. This book is an eye-opener. Thank you!”

Can you guess what we call humility like this wrapped in desire to learn, grow, and change?

Leadershipand being outstanding.

Jenn also immediately joined the QBQ! Facebook Group!

Already successful and wanting to get better. No wonder Jamar speaks highly of his boss. Are you a humble learner/leader like Jenn? 😎

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